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As a teacher or parent, you are always in search of new ways to captivate your students and keep them learning. Sometimes, this can be difficult. At Smiles for Learning, we aim to make this task easier for you. Here are some ways on how you can implement our services into your classroom:

Supplemental Material

We offer a variety of supplemental material to diversify learning. These materials include:

  • Lessons

    • These lessons cover concepts that are typically taught in a classroom. They are concise and can serve as either an introduction to or a review of a given concept. Lessons in Math and English include example problems to further student understanding of a concept. Because they are online, the lessons can be easily accessed by students at any time.

  • Presentations

    • Making PowerPoint presentations can be an arduous task. With this in mind, we’ve created a number of vivid and engaging Google presentations for use by teachers to captivate a class. These are great for teachers that do not have the time to create their own presentations but want a visual accompaniment to their lectures. Teachers can even make direct edits to the presentations by making copies of the presentations through the Google menu. Like lessons, presentations can all be accessed online, allowing for student reference outside of class.

  • Practice Worksheets

    • Practice is an integral part of learning. That is why we offer online worksheets for student practice. These worksheets are created in Google Docs, allowing for students to make online copies of the worksheets and edit them directly on the document. Teachers can check for completion by having the students turn in the worksheets through Google Classroom. Steps on how to create a Google Classroom account can be found here.

  • Activities

    • We offer both online and offline activities for student engagement. These activities can serve to either introduce a new concept or ingrain a familiar one. Not to mention, they’re fun!

"Flipped Classroom"

The concept of a “flipped classroom” has been gaining momentum in the teaching field. Traditionally, a teacher would deliver a lecture in class and assign homework practice for students to be done during non-class hours. However, in a flipped classroom, this order is reversed. Under this system, a lesson is assigned for homework, and students spend class time practicing learned concepts under the guidance of a teacher. These lessons are usually accessed online and provide a general overview of desired concepts, allowing students to gain a familiarity with these concepts before they enter the classroom. During class hours, students are given the opportunity to ask their teacher for clarification on anything they may not have understood at home. The rest of the class time can be spent practicing problems or engaging in activities that otherwise cannot be done in the presence of a winding lecture. This way, class time can be spent having fun with concepts rather than learning them.

We offer this opportunity to teachers by providing online lessons that cover a multitude of subject areas so that time in class can be spent doing engaging activities. While we do not intend to entirely replace the traditional classroom lecture, we believe our lessons can be useful for teaching smaller concepts teachers may not want to spend much time on in class. If preferred, these lessons can even serve as an introduction to a classroom lecture. For classroom hours, we provide various activities that can be done to engage students and refine learned concepts.

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