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Our Team

Bill Nguyen

Founder & President

Bill believes that learning shouldn't be done from bulky textbooks. Instead, it should be accomplished through interacting with content and becoming genuinely engaged in the material. Aside from frantically writing for Smiles for Learning, he enjoys swimming, doodling, coding, and decimating his sleep schedule by reading until 3 A.M. Bill specializes in online marketing and advertising, eyeing the field's prospect in a digitalizing age. He can be contacted at

Jin Xu

Innovation Content Creator & Journalist

Jin Xu is a graduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. He received his Master's Degree in Material Science after two years of studies. Additionally, he has over two years of experience in chemical research. Jin is keen on renewable energy research and always concerned about the latest renewable energy cutting-edge progress. Furthermore, he cares deeply about environmental issues like global warming, Ozone depletion, and the treatment of wastewater. You can reach him via email at

Alex Jackson

CS Content Creator

Alex is currently a student at Boston University pursuing a major in business and a minor in computer science. He discovered a passion for coding after taking an introductory computer science course and deciding he wished to study it further. As for his background, he spent most of his childhood moving around, going from Azerbaijan all the way to Trinidad and Tobago, but associates himself most with, and currently lives in, England. 

Natalie Fermoselle

CS Content Creator

Natalie Fermoselle is a senior in high school who is passionate about all things related to computers, such as coding and cybersecurity. She also enjoys drawing, writing, and taking care of her countless pets! You can reach her at or visit her website at

Eliza Anderson

English Content Creator

Eliza Anderson is a student studying English in California. She enjoys theater and has starred in several productions throughout her high school and college years. In her free time, she likes to read science fiction books and paint along with Bob Ross on Netflix, which she highly recommends if you ever need to relax. Eliza hopes to pursue a career as a news journalist and editor.

Mohu Sah


Mohu Sah is a fun loving person with around three years of rich professional experience as a management consultant with Infosys. She holds an MBA in Marketing and Operations. Born and brought up in India she has recently migrated to the West to support her  better half as well as to explore new avenues in life and career. She is passionate about her work, dancing, reading and cooking. She can be reached through her email,

Heather Startup


Heather Startup is a copywriter with a background in teaching and educational accessibility. She also writes novels, short stories, and the occasional cheeky personal essay. When she isn’t writing, she can often be found ballroom dancing, baking, or hanging out with her husband in their Central Florida home. She and her work can be found through her website at

Sameer Harbi


Sam is an aspiring scientist who manages a one-man indie game studio dedicated to producing work based on his favorite gaming genre: Management Simulators. When he isn’t working on his art, coding little contraptions, or play Dwarf Fortress, he likes to read history books and loads of fantasy. He and his studio can be found at

Ethan Lee


Ethan Lee is a high school senior living in California.  He is a part of his high school's soccer team and is the captain of its tennis team. After graduating, he plans to major in computer science or computer engineering due to his interest in web development and app development. When he is not glued to his computer screen playing video games or watching T.V., he enjoys playing tennis, reading comics, and playing board games. His favorite subjects are physics,math, and computer science. You can reach him through his email at

Gustavo Hernandez


Gustavo Hernandez is a sophomore completing his schooling online. When he is not working towards graduating high school early, he can be found either enjoying video games or watching other people play games on websites such as YouTube and Twitch. Gustavo strives to major in Computer Science at an elite college with hopes that he will one day be able to start his own video game company.

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