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Make Reading Data Easier with EITBOK


In a digitalizing world dictated by epileptic flurries of 1’s and 0’s, businesses scramble to keep up to date with modern technology. Adapting, unsurprisingly, proves difficult for many business owners. After all, a field rife in variety and jargon can easily overwhelm a once-eager onlooker. However, under the right guidance and with the appropriate resources, utilizing computer technology can prove to be very manageable.

I was recently contacted by the editor-in-chief of EITBOK, a free online resource that covers the fundamentals of Enterprise information technology (EIT). She believed it would prove useful to Smiles for Learning’s users, and after investing an afternoon delving into the resource’s archives, I readily agree with her.

Essentially, EIT is the collection of people, information, and computers that serve the purpose of analyzing data to get results. The process is heavily reliant on computer technology, which is used to support large-scale data analysis in a timely manner. Business owners can rejoice as the resource contains all the information necessary to integrate and manage an EIT system for a business or organization. Doing so will save both time and money in the long run. However, a quick scroll through the archive reveals that the target demographic expands much broader than only business people. Students, educators, and researchers interested in Information Technology will also be able to find substantial value in the resource.

However, I must issue a fair warning: the resource, itself, is dense. Terminology will befuddle, and diagrams will intimidate. Despite this, the online resource contains useful nuggets of information that can be found via a brief skim of the archives. Even if an individual chooses not to implement the system into their business or organization, they will still be able to come out with a deeper understanding of how an organization could potentially be managed to maximize efficiency.

For those who are interested, here is the link to the free resource:


Enterprise Architecture - EITBOK,

Bill Nguyen is the president of Smiles for Learning. He can be contacted at

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