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Studying can be hard. We get that. That is why we offer lessons and supplemental material covering the essentials of mathematics and english so that studying can be a more bearable experience. Whether your goal is to learn a new topic or review a familiar one, here are some ways on how you can use Smiles for Learning effectively in your learning:

Kindergarten and Elementary School Students

We offer the following topics for Kindergarten and Elementary School students: Kindergarten Math, 1st – 6th Grade Math, Grammar, Writing, Reading, and Computer Essentials. Students are able to maneuver through lessons and engage in quizzes and activities that are included along the way. Lessons geared towards younger learners are generally vibrant and visually stimulating to maintain engagement. These lessons also tend to require adult guidance to help oversee the child’s progress.

Middle and High School Students

For Middle and High School students, we offer the following topics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Grammar, Writing, Reading, Computer Essentials, and- soon- Python. Material covered in these topics are generally concise and are designed to make effective use of the learner’s time. After all, last-minute cramming sessions are (sadly) a reality. Supplemental quizzes and worksheets are also provided for practice.

Students and Non-Students

The world is changing. With the recent emergence of computer technology coupled with jarring breakthroughs in science and engineering, change in the way we live our lives is indisputable. Thus, let us pave way to the world of tomorrow by educating today’s youth on the changes that are to come so that they can prepare for and better adapt to the world around them. At Smiles for Learning, we want to aid in this movement. That is why we offer exclusive courses covering Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Medicine, and Space Technology. All the aforementioned topics fall under the optimistically-named category: Innovation. We even have courses that cover the basics of computer science. Regardless of if the student is a rising 7th grader or a sophomore in college, we believe there is a topic for everyone. However, for those who do not have the time to go through these lessons, we also provide original articles that briefly summarize the latest in innovation in technology and education so that getting informed is as convenient as a five-minute read.

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